About Marika

Marika is a visual creative based in Barcelona, Spain with 10 years of experience in branding, helping businesses and entrepreneurs create, (re)launch or promote their products and services. She has been drawing since she was 1 year old and studied and worked in Graphic Design and Arts, graduated in Interior Architecture, Master’s Degree in Branding + Retail Design and Illustration.
Her multidisciplinary profile, genuine curiosity, and passion for design bring her an interesting approach and vision in her creative process and over the projects she researches, works, and manages.

In 2015 she creates her own design practice: THE STUDIO ( marika + ) as a freelancer and she starts bringing in branding work from different industries: pharmaceutical, real estate, IT, architecture, sports & wellness, fashion, beauty, music, etc.
These projects involve (re)branding completely: strategy, concept, naming & copy, design, packaging, media, art direction, web, events, and marketing; so, depending on the task, she starts managing a team of developers, designers, copywriters, and video/photographers that are carefully selected and specifically chosen to meet the project’s need. Most of them become long-term collaborators so she calls them “the associates” and adds it to the name of THE STUDIO ( marika+ the associates ).
Dealing with clients from different fields and taking full responsibility in the management of the projects gives Marika a business-driven branding approach in finding design solutions for her clients that support other departments and an attitude towards meeting goals, efficiency, and balance between good design and sales.
With THE STUDIO, she aims to create beautiful brands that stand out and fill the gap between ( visual ) communication and business goals, while maintaining true to their core values and delivering high-quality client services: “We highlight your brand”

Marika has been drawing her whole life, so art is an integrated part of her skills and personality.
In 2018, she decides to show and focus more on her career as a painter so she is invited to do live painting events for the music festival off –SONAR, Hypnotic School and for the Arsenal Group in Barcelona, and for the hotels Nayino Resort and Arome22 in Romania.
She is also invited to participate in various collective exhibitions like the famous Esprocenda Gallery “Cruixent Art”, Auditorri Barradas” Art en Femini”, TOC Hostels, DAS KLUB, etc. and displays her work in interior design studios and showrooms like Arquitectura y Sentido Barcelona.

From January 2020 until July 2020, Marika had her solo show "Spirit/Form/Freedom/Lust" at Kater Noster, Innsbruck/AT she exhibits a series of paintings and illustrations inspired by the animal world.

She is motivated to pursue her painting career and she is currently preparing other shows and working on private commissions.

As an illustrator, Marika worked with various magazines doing editorial ( covers, articles - Metropolitan, SUB25 ) and advertising ( La Vanguardia, El Periodico ) for clients like BIMBO or Donpiso/Living Real Estate.
She illustrated the book “Amalya’s Journey” by Naama Gal, a very special project aimed at helping children with social anxiety and their friends and relatives cope and heal.
She has commissions for events invitations, booklets for brands and windows, basically “drawing everywhere”.
Nevertheless, passionate about music, she collaborates with musicians delivering the artwork for their projects and labels ( Kacie Swierk, INTO THE FUTURE ).


BarcelonaStreetSketch is an urban sketching project made for everyone who wants to explore beautiful Barcelona ( or other cities ) with a sketchbook.