ANiM - branding, strategy, identity, web, art direction


Project description/briefing: Gemma Rabassa is working as sales person for the pharmaceutical industry for more than 25years. She needed to create a company identity that reflects and unifies all the services that her suppliers offer in order to offer to the final client complete solutions for packaging.

Approach & solution + consulting services: As there was no online presence, this project was created from scratch, developing and organising all the information after intense consultancy, market study and one on one work sessions with the client. The offer of products is wide and complete, so our challenging mission was to highlight the potential of the new brand and positioning it as a solution finder, innovation promoter and efficiency supplier in the industry.

Brand architecture & statement/  Information architecture & organisation: After careful research of the pharmaceutical packaging industry and the processes involved from design to market, by analysing the target’s needs and detecting its pains we applied our methodology to find the brand’s added value/onlyness and pain reliefs. By aligning the user’s needs with our services we detected our key4user aspects and organised the brand according to them.



Products: We came up with 12 mains products & services divided into 3 categories: individual elements of packaging, full packaging services and special services. 

Concept:  Business 2 business services demand results that reflect business goals reach. The most important gain that the brand brings to the table is EFFCIENCY - by optimising the unifying all the packaging suppliers to one common manager - ANiM and provide full solutions, various achievements are made: cost-efficient, time-efficient, minimising incidences and a follow-up by an up-to-date expert - Gemma Rabassa of the extremely strict yet constant-changing Health Industry Standards and Regulatory compliance. Expert solutions from an expert. With these elements aligned, we designed the clear brand statement: "Actuamos con responsabilidad y respeto, para ofrecer soluciones personalizadas, rentables y honestas dentro de un sector fuerte y exigente”



Gemma Rabassa, as a founder and main expert is positioned as an expert in the industry and a responsible professional, human-being and mother. The new brand and website serves Gemma as a presentation of all her services and helps her internal organisational operations.

VIDEO GEMMA RABASSA/ ANiM: The aim was to show a day in Gemma’s life: always active, client meetings, e-mailing, visiting the suppliers, checking quality and at the same time her presenting herself and talking about her values as a professional and as a human. Showing her this way builds trust in the brand.


Naming: The process of naming followed a path both emotional and strategic that uses insight of the Gemma as a person world and medical subtle references.



Logotype, icons and key visuals: All the visual elements of the brand are fresh, original and drawn specifically for ANiM. 

Logotype: By aligning the brand values with the key4user aspects and inspired in packaging, origami and deconstruction, we developed the new symbol for the brand, a symbol that resembles a process of unfolding and has deep emotional significance for Gemma.

The two main colors: blue and purple are powerfull and in line with the industry and Gemma’s passioante yet fresh personality.

The icons that build the visual playground are drawn for the brand, creating graphic resources that share consistency, regardless their different meaning.



Website ANiM: By previously studying and understanding carefully the different user roles and organising the information in order to deliver efficiency and fluid user-flow with a clean and easy browsing experience and, at the same time, highlight the key4user points and showcase the brand added values we designed Impuls’s new website.

The message is very clear, welcoming the user with the brand statement and showing the main products & services. On every product & service page we respected the Why? What? How? order and enhanced key4user aspects through text, photo and videos. 

Complimenting the website with artwork that help create visual consistency, the result is a fresh, friendly, professional and SEO-friendly web that attracts the attention of the Pharmaceutical/Medical Industry.

To enhance the brand's tag line for finding solutions and innovations, we selected .solutions as a domain: