Project description/briefing: create a new brand, strategy, define productS & services, website and assets for a new company offering guided bike tours in Romania’s countryside. 

Approach & solution: having the chance to work very closely with the client, a visionary entrepreneur passionate about outdoor sports, with one on one brainstorming sessions and having him participating actively in the concept creation, this project was crafted in a very customized way and in a short amount on time. Part of our research, we experienced the services first hand and we helped define and refine the brand’s offer using our discovery from the target investigation  and market competition.

Naming validation: The client already had a list of possible brand names, but Bikexplore was the natural choice once making sure it’s aligned with the target: easy-to-remember, a bit “extreme sports like”, inspiring the “adventurer inside”, describing the offer, etc. 

Concept: In over-digitalized times, we wanted our “bikexplores” to switch off and connect with nature, with like-minded people and discover the beauties of Romania. So once applying our methodology on brand design & strategy, we found our concept line: the brand’s mission is to create worry-free experience that would meet and surpass the expectations of the user, an experience that one would want to repeat and would remember. An experience that one will tell their beloved one’s about with enthusiasm. A story. And so the brand’s claim was created:  “trails becoming stories”

Logotype, icons and key visuals: All the visual elements of the brand are fresh, inspiring outdoor action sports and adventures/discovery.

Logotype: By aligning the brand values with the key4user aspects, we developed logotype for the brand: symbol + typography. 

An easy-to-recognize, read and remember symbol combining the letter B with the X, that graphically states as a reaching/meeting build a clean, fresh symbol. Both elements, but separated are repeated in the naming typo. The talented designer Vlad Radu, managed to  capture perfectly the brand’s essence. 

The main color is a vibrant orange, lively and outdoor related. 

The icons and avatars that build the visual playground are designed for the brand, creating graphic resources that share consistency and are easy to play with in order to design other communication materials. 

Artworks and illustrations were created to enhance different images, using elements previously created.


Voice, tone and vocabulary are friendly and inspiring action “Let’s Bikexplore!”, “Hai cu noi/ Come with us ” ( call to action for the leads form and other brand invitations ) The manifesto is a statement of brand values and vision, designed for the for the audience, in an authentic way and at the same time an invitation “to bikexplore”. Manifesto: We are all in, for the joy of biking, for living freely and fiercely, for exploring the marvels of nature and building true connections by wandering trails that become stories. These are our essentials: are you in? Let’s Bikexplore!

Website: By previously studying and understanding carefully the different user roles and organizing the information in order to deliver efficiency and fluid user-flow with a clean and easy browsing experience and, at the same time, highlight the key4user points and showcase the brand added values we designed Bikexplore’s website. 

Aiming to generate positive emotions and a desire to “come with us” from the first contact of the user with the web, we welcome the visitors with the video. 

Clear and visible call to actions, together with easy to use forms with specific questions are implemented in order to optimize the user experience. The products have clear descriptions of Why? What? How? to answer key4user questions, followed by call to action forms. 

The result is a fresh, friendly, practical and SEO-friendly web that delivers information, creates emotions and generates leads.


BikeFair - stand design & production

Official brand launch.

With a short production time and a low budged we managed to produce a stand that is visually attractive and innovative. The brand is  highlighted and the space generates curiosity and invites people to chat. 

Elements: 1. 3D printed logtype 2. 3D printes symbol 3. Custom made lamps 4. Stickers 5. Postcards 6. T-shirts 7. Roll-ups 8. Voice & tone  of discussion 9. Simple lines, light furniture brand colors 10. Good vibes 😉  

The three-days fair were a success, many people stopped by the stand, inscribed to the tours and got to know the team.

Filip gave interviews for national TV and radio so we used the BikeFair event to officially launch the brand.


Custom BX lamps:

We came up with the idea of the lamps in order to highlight our stand. Manufactured by Filip and designed by Marika, these pieces are aligned with the brand’s value of believing in authentic and handcrafted object. In a digital world, we prefer turn offline and build things with our hands.