IMPULS - branding: identity, strategy, web


Project description/briefing: A company producing Artworks for the Pharmaceutical Industry needed to enhance their services and align their branding to the client’s needs through clear communication and hi-end design. Their offer of products and services was impecable but it lacked good communication. Our mission was to highlight their potential. We decided to create a new brand, strategy and website as part of their company. The mother-company, Thinkinpress got a web redesign as well. Afterwards, we developed a sub-brand, under the new brand, specialized in Design for Pharmaceutical/OTC Packaging.

Approach & solution: after careful research of the pharmaceutical packaging industry and the processes involved from design to market, by analysing the target’s needs and detecting its pains we applied our methodology to find thebrand’s added value/onlyness and pain reliefs. By aligning the user’s needs with our services we detected our key4user aspects and organized the brand according to them. 

Concept:  Business 2 business services demand results that reflect business goals reach. The most important gain that the brand brings to the table is TIME - by optimizing the design-print-pharmacy process, minimizing incidences, a deep knowledge of the extremely strict yet constant-changing Health Industry Standards and having a strict control of the Regulatory compliance the go-to-market time is much shorter than with a regular design agency. A more professional experience. An expert experience. With these elements aligned, we designed the clear brand statement: Experts in the creation and management of the integral process of Artworks for the Pharmaceutical Industry, focused on on-time delivery and according to the Regulatory compliance of this dynamic and demanding field.

Logotype, icons and key visuals:

 All the visual elements of the brand are fresh and related to the Pharmaceutical/Medical Industry. 

Logotype: By aligning the brand values with the key4user aspects, we developed logotype for the brand: symbol + typography. An easy-to-recognize, read and remember symbol using key concepts like dynamism and geometry that manages to capture perfectly the brand’s essence. 

The color is fresh and related to the health/pharmaceutical industry.

The icons and avatars that build the visual playground are designed for the brand, creating graphic resources that share consistency and are easy to play with in order to design other communication materials. Each of the 3 services has its own avatar. Specific letterings were developed for the claim and product names.

Artworks and illustrations were created to enrich the visual territory online and specific postcards with key messages were designed for each service.


Website Impuls

By previously studying and understanding carefully the different user roles and organizing the information in order to deliver efficiency and fluid user-flow with a clean and easy browsing experience and, at the same time, highlight the key4user points and showcase the brand added values we designed Impuls’s new website. 

The message is very clear, welcoming the user with the brand statement and showing the three main services. On every service page we respected the Why? What? How? order and enhanced key4user aspects. 

Complimenting the website with artwork that help create visual consistency, the result is a fresh, friendly, professional and SEO-friendly web that attracts the attention of the Pharmaceutical/Medical Industry.


Sub-brand IMPULS Design

Visual identity:

The Impuls image was used for declining the identity for Impuls Design, keeping the visual territory of Impuls as a base but changing the main color to a strong, vibrant and powerful pink that contrasts with the purity of the medical world, but reinforces the message of “courageous design approach” that the studio has.


Art direction: concept video for IMPULS DESIGN:

Based on the main purpose of the brand - designing pharmaceutical packaging, we produced a visually strong concept video that showcases no-brand pharma-pack getting “branded” by Impuls Design - this metaphor is translated visually by splashing the brand’s powerful color over the white elements.

Landing page Thinkinpress:

 The “mother-brand” needed also a refresh so we opted for a landing page that has all the important information and leads to the new website. The page is dynamic and welcomes the user with a video of the team.


Brand Architecture: the 3 webs obrands with their web expressions