The A Club - branding, packaging & web

Briefing: create a new brand and packaging for a haircare line.

Approach & Concept: by gathering information from inside, working very closely with the founders, analysing the target and researching the market we came up with a modern concept with a touch of vintage for the modern urban human, a traveler, a seeker, a “connoisseur” of the real value of things, in search for authentic experiences.

After careful research, we developed a general concept and a sub-concept for the products. Every product has its own mood, related to the lifestyle of the target. “Use your head” and “Live Authentic” are the tag-lines that go hand in hand to strengthen the message. The brand uses “real ingredients”, sustainable materials and it’s fun!

Packaging: the typographies and all the graphic elements of the labels were made analog and post processed digitally: using ink, brushes, fine liners, stamps, stencils and handwriting  that gives the labels an authentic feel and stands out.

The naming states for the values of a club, members exclusive and every product has a short name and a specific mood/destination, easy to remember, like the IATA code for airports.

We did numerous tries of the labels with different bottles in order to find the perfect fit.

Complete line + selected details of the labels


The A Club team, photographer Alexandre Brito and videographer Alexandru Costin take the vintage aviation concept and travel to the next level with the promo pictures for the brand. The media artwork was shot in an old small airport near Barcelona and recreates the scenery of traveling with a modern touch.

Vintage-style illustration-collage "From idea to concept" 


The events and pop-up stores maintain the look&feel of the brand, hairdressers wearing vintage aviation uniforms, old suitcases, etc. The voice & tone is casual and the events are meant to promote the brand and make the clients have fun experimenting with the products.

The design of the website is consistent with the brand look & feel and at the same time user-friendly, offering an easy “choose and buy” experience that we studied carefully previously. This way, the flow of navigation is natural. The website allows user registrations for regular clients and distributors, the private user space has a different and more complex architecture that allows sales operations, stock management, and communications to work efficiently.